One important measure of a country’s economy is it’s technology. Most current technology indexes for countries rely on boring statistics like R&D spending and internet availability. I think that these measures are totally inadequate. To really gauge whether a country is technologically advanced, you need to take a hard look at stupid, pointless, and amusing things produced on the internet.

As an alternative, I would like to announce the Nyan Cat Country Technology Index. For those of you who have not heard of Nyan Cat. It is a internet meme that combines a flying Pop Tart cat trailing rainbows and a strange Japanese song.

Nyan Cat is a perfect example of stupid, pointless, and amusing. What’s more, it has spread like wildfire and infected many countries, resulting in various inspired patriotic versions of the video.  This perfect storm of elements have combined to yield a striking new perspective of national technology.

I have used my expert experience in Nyan Cat, honed after many days of bombardment in our Campfire room at work, and my own quirky taste, to view and judge the countries that were prominent on YouTube.

Nyan Cat Country Technology Index

  1. Tied: US & Japan. Come on they started the whole thing. Of course, they are first. Original Video

  2. UK : Scottish and Irish Nyan Cats moved the UK to the 2nd place. They are superb. Notice the folded ears on the Scottish Nyan Cat. Britan could have tried harder.

  3. German Nyan Cat

  4. French Nyan Cat- Extra points for the wine and Mona Lisa. Music missing Nya

  5. Polish Nyan Cat– Love the Hussar wings – but points off for no Nya music.

  6. Dutch Nyan Cat– Again, nice rain but wrong music.

  7. Hungarian Nyan Cat– Nice music .. but not really a cat.

  8. Russian Nyan Cat

  9. Australian Nyan Cat

  10. Canada Nyan Cat

  11. Indian Nyan Cat

  12. Philipppine Nyan Cat

  13. Chinese Nyan Cat

  14. Belgium Nyan Cat

  15. Greek Nyan Cat

If your country was not included on the list.  By all means, go out a create a video right away.  Your nation’s future is depending on you.  If your country has a Nyan Cat video on YouTube and was not included, I apologize on behalf of all the brain cells that were killed in assembling this list.

Addendum:  I have to admit that the Nyan Cat has grown on me, especially since my office mates have turned off their Campfire sounds.  I am hereby editing the post to remove the annoying adjective, but the stupid, pointless and amusing adjectives remain :)