It’s that time of year for radars to be published. So this year, I thought I would publish one of my own. Here is what is on my radar.


  • Adopt: Clojure – It is fantastic language. Really.
  • Trial: Pixie – The promise of a really fast startup Clojure inspired language. I am impressed already and it is only a few months old.
  • Assess: Idris – I have only seen this lang briefly, but was impressed by the typing and proofing abilities.
  • Hold: JavaScript – I don’t have to say more, you know what I mean.

Cute Animals


  • Adopt: Parrot AR Drone Hackable flying drone with sonar and cameras. Doesn’t injure your fingers too much when you get them caught in the blades.
  • Trial: PhantomX Hexapod A bit pricey and delicate, but built from kit and is super cool when you get it going.
  • Assess: Myo Armband Control things with a flick of your wrist. Mine finally arrived after a year and a half wait. I haven’t had time to play with it, but I have high hopes for it.
  • Hold: Roombas – I love my Roombas, but I am not sure the latest models have an ROI port to hack :(

Tasty Food

  • Adopt: Crumpets – Put lots of butter on them toasted. Yum!
  • Trial: Mint Tim Tams– Minty, just the right amount of crunch. Hard to find in the US, but a treat when you do.
  • Assess: Raclette – I have never actually had it, but it is melted cheese, it has to be incredible.
  • Hold: Egg Nog – Don’t drink it directly from the bowl.

Happy Holidays Everyone!