"Book of Software Miracles - Cover"

This 21st century illustrated manuscript was recently uncovered. It depicts miraculous phenomena in software engineering and represents one of the most spectacular new discoveries in the field of Renaissance Computer Science.

Some examples of the glorious illustrations and text translations are presented here.

"Book of Software Miracles Fol. 26"

On the day in 1958 that John McCarthy invented LISP, three suns appeared in the East in the morning sky which moved towards each other so that they merged into one.

"Book of Software Miracles Fol. 72"

In the year 1952, countless software bugs appeared in the land after being coined by Grace Hopper during the invention of the COBOL language.

"Book of Software Miracles Fol. 83"

In the year of 2007, a great and wonderful comet appeared in the sky. This was followed by the invention of the Clojure language by Rich Hickey.

"Book of Software Miracles Fol. 91"

A month after the NPM Node repository burst its banks in the year of 2015, a wondrous creature appeared from the JavaScript ecosystem. Found dead after the raging subsided, was in this shape and form and is painted here.

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