I’m delighted to share the news that the Clojure package for MXNet has now joined the main Apache MXNet project. A big thank you to the efforts of everyone involved to make this possible. Having it as part of the main project is a great place for growth and collaboration that will benefit both MXNet and the Clojure community.

Invitation to Join and Contribute

The Clojure package has been brought in as a contrib clojure-package. It is still very new and will go through a period of feedback, stabilization, and improvement before it graduates out of contrib.

We welcome contributors and people getting involved to make it better.

Are you interested in Deep Learning and Clojure? Great – Join us!

There are a few ways to get involved.

Want to Learn More?

There are lots of examples in the package to check out, but a good place to start are the tutorials here https://github.com/apache/incubator-mxnet/tree/master/contrib/clojure-package/examples/tutorial

There is a blog walkthough here as well – Clojure MXNet Module API