Deploying Clojure apps with a single command to the cloud is now possible with Heroku Cedar and let me tell you, it is pure joy.

I experimented with this the other day by creating a Compojure web application that compares the followers that two twitter users have in common.

Here is the secret sauce you need to push your apps to Heroku:

1) Procfile: You need to create a file in the root of your directory that contains the way to start up your application:

 web: lein run -m ring-twitter-common.core

2) The application must have the project.clj setup correctly so that you can just run:

lein deps

3) You need to install the Heroku gem

Once you have this setup you simply do:

heroku create --stack cedar

git push heroku master

That’s it. Your webapp will auto-magically be created, and deployed and be available for your viewing pleasure.

You can check out  my sample Twitter Heroku app here:

But wait, you say… wouldn’t it be awesome if you could just write your Clojure app and say lein deploy and have it all work? Wouldn’t it be super awesome if there was some command to generate a skeleton for your Compojure app? The solution is actually in the planning stages by James Reeves (weavejester)!  Hooray!

Leiningen Google Group Text

In summary:  Developing Clojure Web Apps just got easier and the future is only looking up :)