I got the chance to share my enthusiasm for two of my favorite technologies at JRubyConf by giving a presentation on Semantic Web and JRuby. It was an excellent experience. I was able to connect with other people that shared my interest in the Semantic Web and some that have even worked with the technologies professionally. Most exciting, I had the opportunity to share my knowledge and hopefully inspire others to look farther into using JRuby with the Jena Semantic Web Framework.

Here are some resources from the presentation that I wanted to share with everyone:

On github, https://github.com/gigasquid/jruby_semantic_web_examples, I put together some examples of SPARQL queries against dbpedia as well as translating the examples that they have on the Jena RDF API to use JRuby

Here is the presentation itself: https://github.com/gigasquid/Presentations/blob/master/SemanticWebJRuby.pdf

A special note of thanks to Brian Sletten, the Semantic Web guru, who inspired and exposed me to the Semantic Web, helped me out by answering my questions and pointing me in the right direction and for just being a swell guy.