The Earliest Known Love Song

The earliest known love song was found in an Egyptian tomb. The fragment found in the 4,300 year old tomb read:

I love and admire your beauty. I am under it.

Medieval Love Songs

Moving forward in history to Medieval times, there are many examples of love songs. One of them from a great composer in the 14th century, named Guillaume de Machaut:, went something like this:

You are the true sapphire
that can heal and end all my sufferings,
the emerald which brings rejoicing,
the ruby to brighten and comfort the heart.

Love Songs from this Summer

Love songs abound on the radio and internet today. One was released by Coldplay recently, called “A Sky Full of Stars”. The lyrics go something like this:

Cause you're a sky
Cause you're a sky full of stars
I'm going to give you my heart
Cause you're a sky
Cause you're a sky full of stars
And cause you light up the path

Why Create?

I have nothing to say that has not been said

These are the whispering excuses that I hear in the back of my head when I sit down at a blank text editor:

  • Someone has already said this.
  • Someone has already built this algorithm.
  • Someone has already built this library.
  • I have nothing to say that has not been said before.

But it has not been said by you.

Love is a universal human emotion. We have evidence that people have been writing about it and singing about it for at least 4,000 years.

Hasn’t everything already been said about it?


We still want to hear it again. We still want to hear it new, said by another. It means something slightly different, feels different when said again by someone else with different experiences, from a different life, from a different perspective..

The same goes for your writing, your code, your library, and your creation.

So open up your favorite editor and brush aside your fears. It is a blank canvas, ready for your thoughts and code.

Say it loud

Say it strong


Don’t worry if it has been said before

It is new because it is said by you